Hannah Rust

Graphic Designer / Illustrator


My name is Hannah Rust, and I'm a marketing specialist, graphic designer, and illustrator from Beverly MA.  Since graduating from high school in 2016, I have worked full time in the design and marketing industry. I have worked for companies such as Net Atlantic, Lifetime Brands, and Hendrick to design packaging, UI for software, and completely rebrand businesses. At Net Atlantic where I worked for almost 2 years, I redesigned the company logo and website, taking the company to new heights. I was voted Employee of the Quarter there in March of 2017. 

I am currently the Marketing Associate at Hendrick Manufacturing, where I have revamped the company website, created commercials, and designed fresh sales collateral. The year I was hired, Hendrick saw one of their best years in the company's 67 year history.

In my spare time, I am a freelance designer, artist, and hopeful children's book illustrator. 




In her role as Marketing Assistant, Hannah accomplished a number of key, important design projects which helped further the company. She was a joy to work with, and was a strong team-player with everyone who had the pleasure to work with her. In fact, she won the Employee of the Quarter award in Q1 of 2017, a testament to her with this peer-elected award.





Hannah Rust

hannah.rust98@gmail.com  |  Tel: 978 816 6467